a little about vee.

Recent college graduate with a BS in Neuroscience and Pharmacology Masters, passionate about beauty and creative writing, and depending on the day, also enjoys photography. Currently living in Nu Yolk, aka New York City, hunting for a job in the beauty industry that hopefully makes her heart go “wee!”

…but also blogging and taking pictures in the meantime.


a lot about vee.

My life goal as an 11 year-old was to attend the University of Cambridge, hopefully to major in ‘traveling’.

When asked what activity I hated most as a 13 year-old, my answer was: waiting. Ask me again now and the answer would still be ‘waiting,’ because waiting sucks.


Snapseed 2.jpg

I was born and raised in Surabaya, Indonesia, also known as The Best City on Planet Earth (quote me). I hatched in 1995, purple-faced and screaming bloody murder, lived in Surabaya for 15 amazing years and moved to Hong Kong in 2010.

In 2014 I went to The University of Vermont, where I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies.

At age 18, I bought my first foundation and brow pencil in a MAC store, and swapped my Cetaphil cleanser + moisturizer duo to a Clinique trio set.

Before long, I immersed myself in the makeup world and in 2017, decided to start a website –ta da!

Just kidding, it didn’t happen over night.

It took a lot of time, jaw clenching and oh-so-much caffeine to get to this point. But looking at this remodeled, freshly facialed version of C’est Blanc, I am so happy and proud :)

I hope you love what you’re seeing and keep coming back for more. Always, always tell us what you think because we need your help to create better things!

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