Food Diary: NYC 2019

food and i have a very special kind of relationship.


do, cookie dough confections

📍550 LaGuardia Pl., NYC 10012

Got one scoop of ‘brookie dough’ (combination of classic cookie dough + brownie batter)
The first few bites were honestly a dream come true, I think every sane person loves cookie dough because cookie dough is probably better than a cookie itself.
But after a few spoonfuls… it’s just so sweet and dense. It’s obviously a very Instagrammable food trend, so I do recommend trying it out and sharing a scoop with a friend. The dough is also bake-able, so if all else fails just bake ‘em.


milk bar

📍561 Columbus Ave., NYC 10024
Plenty of other locations across New York

Over the months I’ve tried a few things from Milk Bar and generally they all taste great, especially the Crack Pie (now named the Milk Bar Pie). That pie is a delightful, ooey-gooey, amazing slice of heaven. If you want to try anything from Milk Bar, the best sh*t you can get there is definitely their pie. It’s also the only thing you can get by the slice. Their cakes are only sold as a whole, which is so weird to me. I tried the Birthday Cake, which is so beautiful and IG-worthy, but genuinely it’s just ok. To me it tasted like boxed instant cake. I also tried their Funfetti Cookie, which was also good but nothing special.

Moral of the story: Get Crack Pie. The name is apt.


egg shop

📍151 Elizabeth St., NYC 10012
A few other locations

Got the Avo & Egg sandwich which was yum, yum, yum. This place is very vegetarian and vegan friendly, also great for people who like eating healthy while staying happy. I think avocado on toast is a really basic thing that everyone can smash at home, but the pairing with the pickled egg worked great so it was all in all a filling, delicious meal. Is it a must-visit NYC spot? Guess not. Quite expensive too, but it’s to be expected with this ‘all-organic-we’re-clean-eaters’ type of restaurant.


matcha bar

📍256 W. 15th St., NYC 10011
One other location

Virginia loves her matcha. I like matcha everything and this store makes matcha drinks in all sorts of way, which I love! Sadly they don’t make any desserts, but the beverage itself was enough to make me happy. As a dairy-free gal, they also have non-dairy options —much appreciated. I love coming here to grab and go.

Pictured is a regular Iced Matcha Latte with either almond or soy milk (can’t remember). The matcha flavor really comes through.

The place is also quite nice, I can sit there for hours with my laptop and do a bunch of stuff there.

shake shack

📍366 Columbus Ave., NYC 10024
Seriously everywhere in NYC

Naturally as an East Coast gal, I think Shake Shack is 10,000 times better than In-N-Out. Shake Shack’s burgers are top notch, great quality junk food (I know it doesn’t make sense, but you’ll get it when you try it). In-N-Out literally looks and tastes like microwaved beef burger. Shake Shack also makes such a better milkshake, honestly I don’t know what these LA people are talking about.

In image is a Double Patty ShackBurger with the limited-edition Game of Thrones Milkshake, basically an Oreo shake. Obviously the burger is 10/10, it’s not pretentious and not McDonald’s so it’s mouth-wateringly good. The ‘Shroom Burger is also phenomenal, even if you’re not vegetarian I highly recommend it.

republic of booza

📍76 N. 4th St., Brooklyn 11249

It’s the stretchy ice cream! I’m sure you’ve seen it on Instagram, if not click on their IG link now and see what I mean when I say “stretchy ice cream.” Got it?

Yes, it really was that stretchy. Some flavors were more stretchy than others, but generally all were stretchable. The guy was nice enough to do a pull on the stretchiest flavor (vanilla) for my IG boomerang but unfortunately I can’t upload a video here so go to my Instagram.

I got the Dulce De Leche flavor and tbh it wasn’t a good ice cream. This shop is good for the Instagram moment but not so much for the tongue. A tub of cheaper Ben & Jerry’s would do it better for me. But totally IG-worthy.