gotta hear it, gotta believe it:

your most valuable asset is you.

In C’est Blanc we believe in ‘beauty ignites confidence’, but we realize life is more than skin deep.

Sometimes the world has limited expectations for women. They make it seem so unlikely that a woman can pursue a successful career and have a vibrant, fulfilling personal life.

Ladies, we are more than capable of tackling two (or even three, four) birds with one stone! Like making dinner for the fam while taking a business call, putting on makeup while holding a baby, and looking 10/10 in a beautiful black dress while carrying a street-smart intelligence embellished with a boss-ass attitude.

Sometimes the world would have us believe our most important asset is our looks but see, to these people we say: think again.


that’s our mantra.

because you’re worth every penny.

It’s easy to come up with ideas and have a mental vision of how you want things to turn out, but it’s ten times harder to actually do the thing.

And while we want you to always look good and feel good about yourself, we know there’s nothing cooler than a woman who knows what she likes and goes for what she wants. This is why we want C’est Blanc to also be your career supplement; a networking platform, a business enhancer, a creative outlet for all and a useful resource.

C’est Blanc is and always will be your devoted beauty bff. We will never be bored of talking about skin health and foundation shades, but it’d be too bad to not explore other possibilities.

In this community it’s always important to be supportive and constructive. When you can, be of help and when in need, ask for one. Not only will you expand your own horizon, you might also create opportunities and spark interests in other people that they never knew they had.


If anything at all,
we want to inspire you to do your thing and challenge yourself.

Set goals and set them high, drive and ambitions are two of the few things that make life interesting. As long as you remember to work hard and find means, you’ll find that dreaming isn’t so bad after all.

Take risks whenever necessary and question everything. Know that you can create your own opportunities, but everything starts with you.

This site is a collaborative effort for anyone willing to participate. We want to know more about you; tell us about your business, your story and your thoughts. Let’s build connections, promote businesses and expand our knowledge.

We aspire to be a thought-provoking, engaging and helpful site for anyone who wants to build their ideal life. But of course every now and then, we also talk about makeup because… makeup.

Let’s turn ideas into tangible realities.