Skincare Routine: Summer '19 P.M.



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nighttime skincare routine is a ritual.

There is no better feeling than removing your makeup after a long hard day of… whatever it is that you do everyday. Living is difficult, I know.

If you had asked me last year what my skincare regime looked like, I would have given you a long, elaborate step-by-step routine consisting of at least 10 products. Luckily for you (and my wallet), I am a changed woman. My current skincare routine is probably still more tedious than most people’s, but I swear to you it is condensed and it works so well for me.

why should am and pm routine be different?

The simple answer is that your skin’s exposed to different things in the morning and night.

In the AM you need protection against the day’s insults such as sun, air pollution and makeup. At night, you need products that clear your skin and help it reboot. While some products can be good for morning + night, don’t wear yourself out with using too many things at once. I think doing too much can counteract the efficacy of the products because chemicals do react to one another. So you’d be doing yourself a favor by using your favorite skincare items sparingly and at different times of the day.

It also won’t be the end of the world to use the same products, unless if the packaging tells you to only use it once a day.

There are practical reasons why some products can benefit you differently at different times, but at the end of the day your skincare routine is sacred only to you. Do whatever works for you, do whatever makes sense for your time/money/effort. My routines are different because I am me and Extra is my middle name.

Nighttime skincare is time to wind down.

If you haven’t seen my Summer ‘19 AM Skincare Routine post, let me say this again: perfect skin is not a thing and it shouldn’t be a thing.

Nobody has flawless skin, I don’t care who they are or what they tell you they eat. If they’re human then they don’t have perfect skin without filters! It’s totally normal to wake up one day and find a pimple or two shining bright on your forehead —gee whiz you got hormones, surprise!

Embrace your zits and imperfections, sis. Sometimes they’re kinda cute and endearing, because you’re that girl who loves her face. *flips hair

Anyway, moral of the story is: don’t have elaborate skincare or makeup routines because you want to have Patrick Ta skin (who’s your ideal ‘perfect skin goals’?) Do it because you think it’s worth it to invest in the well-being of your skin. Do it because it’s a calming ritual for you. Do it because you have fun doing it.

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