Skincare Routine: Summer ‘19 A.M.



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I am team SKIN.

Your skin is genuinely a worthy investment. It’s not that your future depends on the well-being of your face, but if you’re going to try to do anything with it, I am an advocate for skincare >>> makeup. Why? Because your skin is the most basic thing there is.

Why is skincare so important?

Although you might not see/feel/notice any signs of damage at this time, that doesn’t mean skin damage doesn’t occur at a young age. Fact of the matter is, air pollution and sun exposure cause real damages to your skin that accumulates over time. On top of that most of us probably don’t hydrate, exfoliate or eat well enough to keep our cells healthy. So all in all, we young people, don’t do enough for our skin.

These daily insults may not reflect immediately because we’re young! Our skin’s still capable of doing its best to rejuvenate and turnover without much help. But as we age, we lose the ability to heal naturally.

Research has shown that minor skin problems can accumulate and get worse with aging. So if we don’t try to deal with these problems early on, we’ll have a harder time trying to recuperate in the future.

This is why I preach to everyone: Take care of your skin because it’s an investment! (and it’s so exhausting to say because young people don’t care, because nothing’s changed! but it has you just haven’t seen it!) It’s not a myth!

it’s always easier to prevent than treat.

Another thing to remember: nobody has perfect skin & that’s not the goal here.

The goal is to do your best to maintain a healthy skin; no flaky dry patches, prevent sun damage, ease redness.

No one, and I say no one, including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have perfect poreless skin. Unless you’re trying to spend $5000 a month to do facials, you’re going to get pimples, redness and blackheads. Maybe not even then! It’s only natural to have these things, you’re a human being and you have hormones.

Perfect skin is unattainable. So the next best thing is having a nice supple skin that is well moisturized and smooth enough to glide your fingers on and go: “wow, my face is like a baby’s butt.”

Trust me, my skin’s far from perfect. Sometimes I wake up with one or two zits glaring on my forehead. My skin is always red because it’s summer and it’s hot, and sometimes I have dry patches.

But alas, I try my best to keep my skin balanced and happy enough to make me happy. Without further ado, let’s start.

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